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Photographed by Rainer Stark

"Middle East Burning"

Photograph of a rusted oil drum.

Middle East Burning, Year 2015. Size, Edition, Type of Print, Mounting and Framing on request.

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Boat Hulls – painted by Mother Nature

Ocean, wind, waves and weathering corrodes the hull of a ship. After winter, when ships are cleaned of barnacles, paint and rust, the grinding disc generates unique fragments. At the end the ships will be overpainted and the endless cycle restarts again next spring.

Size, Edition, Type of Print, Mounting and Framing on request.


Poetic Impressions – created by Nature.

Size, Edition, Type of Print, Mounting and Framing on request.

Unexpected Settlement
Constant State of Flux
Evolution II
Endless Summer
True Gold
Apparent Fragility
Silence in Chaos
Infinity at Halinas Point
See the Fascination of Landscape Closeups!
2006 - 2015
Start Exhibition
Silence in Chaos, 2006
Temporary Eternity, 2006
Feeling Safe, 2006
Apparent Fragility, 2006
Forgotten Memories, 2006
Melancholy of Hope, 2006
Pride of Fallen Trees, 2006
Transformation, 2007
Golden Crown, 2007
Infinity at Halinas Point, 2007
Selfportrait, 2007
Stars of the North, 2007
Sunrise of The Moon, 2007
Echo of Soul, 2008
Affluent Society, 2008
Old Love never dies, 2008
Ways to Go, 2008
Stranded Travellers, 2008
Sea Diamonds, 2008
Side by Side, 2008
Longing for The Faraway, 2008
Unexpected Settlement, 2008
Diversity of Life, 2008
Tide, 2008
Like Monet, 2008
Traces of Time, 2009
Twins, 2009
Waiting for The Flood, 2009
Citylights, 2009
Behind The Blue, 2009
Broken Land, 2010
River of Life, 2010
Light Waves, 2010
Back Home, 2010
True Gold, 2011
Metamorphosis, 2011
Endless Summer,2012
Constant State of Flux, 2012
Just Married, 2012
Africa - Crumbling Existence, 2013
Resurrection, 2013
Eye of Weathering, 2013
Lifelines, 2013
Bridge of Life, 2013
Evolution I, 2014
Evolution II, 2014
Yacht Race, 2014
Aquarius, 2014
Red Fender, 2014
Rosa, 2014
Mystic Castle, 2014
SAR, 2014
Sylt Views #1 - In der Brandung, 2014
Sylt Views #2 - Im Klappholtal, 2014
Sylt Views #3 - In den Dünen, 2014
Sylt Views #4 - In der Heide, 2014
Sylt Views #5 - Vor den Lister Wanderdünen, 2014
Sylt Views #6 - Am Morsumer Kliff, 2014
Sylt Views #7 - An der Hörnumer Odde, 2014
Sylt Views #8 - Am Lister Ellenbogen, 2014
Sylt Views #9 - Am Roten Kliff in Kampen, 2014
Deep Sea, 2015
Middle East Burning, 2015
Sweet Hell, 2015
In Memory of The Great Barrier Reef, 2015
Rusty Islands, 2015
Phoenix, 2015
25 TO 1907, 2015
Yellow, 2015

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Size, Edition, Type of Print, Mounting and Framing on request.

Container Close-Ups

See the fascination of rusted container.

Size, Edition, Type of Print, Mounting and Framing on request.

Fantasy Ocean
In Memory of
The Great Barrier Reef
Deep Sea
Rusty Islands
Steaming Ship
Burning Night


Rainer Stark is a Fine Art Photographer from Brunsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. With poetic Landscape Closeups he impressed at exhibitions in Berlin and New York.



Poetic Impressions

Rainer Stark’s photography monumentalizes the ephemeral impression. With immaculate composition these landscape closeups capture humanity faced with the sublimity of nature, chaos, conflict and impermanence.



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Sylt Views

The "grinding disk" is leaving extraordinarily unique, colorful fragments on the ship.



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Harbour Impressions


Impressionen aus den Häfen von Büsum, Friedrichskoog sowie Hörnum und List auf Sylt.


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Atelier Rainer Maria Stark


     Rainer Stark

     Atelier am Volsenweg

     Fritz-Staiger-Str. 45 b

     25541 Brunsbüttel / Germany